Metal Morph Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Opening story
Some more exposition
Getting ready to travel...
Approaching the alien planet.
An unfriendly welcome
Metal Morph escapes!
Main menu
You must find your morph pod and get back to your ship.
Like most platform games, you can jump.
Enemies will kill you with one shot!
While transformed, you are completely invulnerable.
Picking up a shield encases you in metal.
You can enter the pipe by pressing L or R.
Exiting the pipe.
There's the morph pod - and the exit!
Time to get out of here!
Blasting off in your ship.
Looks like sabotage...
You'll need to fly to the next planet, dodging enemies.
Got a power-up!
Asteroids can also be a problem.
Getting closer to the planet.
Nearly there!
Flying on the planet's surface.
The aliens don't stop coming.
Another pick-up