Mickey Mania Credits

Mickey Mania

Written byJon Burton, Andy Ingram, Chris Stanforth, of Traverler's Tales
Designed byJon Burton, Andy Ingram, of Travellers Tales

Traveller's Tales

Programmed ByChris Stanforth
Graphics ByAndy Ingram
Based on a Program ByJon Burton
Conceptual ArtistBeverley Bush
Graphic ArtistsDavid Burton (Dave "Scooter Boy" Burton), Beverley Bush (Bev "Vibrating Pen" Bush), James Cunliffe (James "Action Man" Cunliffe), Andy Ingram (Andy "What Fuel" Ingram), Linda Smith (Linda "Red Shoes" Smith)
Additional ProgrammingDavid Dootson
Office OrganizationAndy Blundell (Andy "A.B.S." Blundell)
Utility ProgrammingJon Burton, David Dootson, Chris Stanforth
Big Bang Witnessed ByPaul Hunter (Paul "I Remember When" Hunter)
Sorry I'm Late But...Ttenrrab Luoar
Special Thanks ToDil
Credits Typed & Checked ByJon Burton

Sony Imagesoft

Executive ProducerRich Robinson
Senior ProducerMary Ann Norris
Associate ProducerDavid Poe
Designed ByMike Giam, David Jaffe
Testing TeamBruce Cochrane, Jose Cruz, Jody Kelsey Jr., Andre Leighton, Seth Luisi, Tobin A. Russell, Andrew Stein

Disney Software

Software Production DirectorRonald J. Fortier
Senior ProducerPatrick Gilmore
Assistant ProducerCraig Annis
Production AssociateArden Ishimura
Mickey Digital Cleanup ModelAlexander Schaefer
Additional MusicMichael Giacchino

Disney Feature Animation Florida

ProducerPaul Curasi
Assistant ProducerAnnette Laguer
Production CoordinatorCammie Cavallin
Animation ConsultantChristian Bradley
Project SpecialistPamela Darley

Creative Capers

ProducerG. Sue Shakespeare
Animation DirectorsDavid Molina, Terry Shakespeare
AnimatorsRejean Bourdages, Ian Christopher Chiasson, Dave Kuhn, Mike Milo, David Molina, Natasha Sasic, Terry Shakespeare, Shane Zalvin
Special Effects AssistantKathy Burton
Final CheckingCarla Washburn
Production CoordinatorRobert Rose
Production AccountantPatrice Monis

Psygnosis UK

U.K. Q.A. ManagementFeargus Carroll
U.K. Quality AssurancePhil Snape (Phil "Tails" Snape), Paul Tweedle, Paul Evason, Gary Nichols, Jenny Newby, Stuart Sockett, Paul Charsley, Lol Scragg, M. Stacey, Chris Rowley, Leon Walters, Craig Puzzled, Tony Parks (Tony "Sonic" Parks), Greg Double, Jamie Riding, B. Y. Puggsy
Graphics Southwest ManagementSimon Gardner
ArtistsKevin R. Ayre, Theo Pantazia, Mark L. Scott
MusicAndy Blythe (Blythe Joustra), Marten Joustra (Blythe Joustra), Matt Furniss
Music DriverShaun Hollingworth
Music ManagerPhilip Morris
Development SystemsPsy Q
Special Thanks ToJohn Rostron
External EvaluationsSarah Dixon
Tour ManagementIan A. Grieve
P. A.Kirsten Beamish (Kirstie "Gude Morrning" Beamish)
Project Management & Food ParcelsSteven Riding (Steve Four Hundred Grand Riding)

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (108349) and Evil Ryu (65883)