Mortal Kombat II Credits


Mortal Kombat II Design TeamEd Boon, John Tobias, Tony Goskie, John Vogel, Dan Forden

Sculptured Software

Very Tired Project Dictator DirectorJeff Peters
Super Deluxe Exhausted ProgrammerAdam T. Clayton
Almost Super Deluxe ProgrammerKen Grant
Up and Coming Super Deluxe ProgrammerScott Perras
Just Deluxe ProgrammersGary Penacho, Todd Blackburn, Joe Barnes
Those of Artistic Type FlairMarcus Fisher, Lee Phung, Mike Peery, Chris Hawkes, Jeff Peters
Art Organizational GuruJim Jung
Catatonic Sound GuruMark Ganus
The Musical Type Support GuysDean Morrell, James Hebdon, Paul Webb
Guys Who Were Forced to Play the Game and Got Paid for ItBrian Miller, Bryan Wong, Hank Rowberry, Jeff Hansen, John Howa, Matt Grate, Scott Hanks, Steve Jolley, Vince Bracken
Special Thanks ToJohn Drabik, Craig Matsuura, Jim Van Dusen, Robert V. Daly, Steve Aguirre
People Who Told Us to Thank ThemNikki Sharrah, Ken Tolman, Brian Peters, Leanne Hornbuckle, Shannon Ryan, Jeff Hazard


ProducerRobert Leingang
Associate ProducerStacy Allyn Hendrickson
AnalystsJohn Cirabisi, James Johnson, Joe Libertella
Special Thanks ToAlessandro De Lucia, Billy Pidgeon, Diane Cambria, Eric Weiner, Steffan Levine, Shawn David Rosen, Eric Kuby, Mark Mermelstein, Martin DeRiso, Mike Hong, Eric Samulski

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