Mortal Kombat Credits

Mortal Kombat Coin-Op Design Team

Software Ed Boon
Graphics John Tobias
Design Ed Boon, John Tobias
MusicDan Forden
Sound EffectsDan Forden
Background Graphics John Vogel

SNES Development Team

Directing Dude Jeff Peters
Programming Team Gary W. Lindquist (Lead Dude), Adam T. Clayton (Swiss-Army Dude), John Blackburn (Most Excellent Dude)
Artistic Dudes Alan Taylor, Adam T. Clayton, Rob Kemp
Tune Dudes Mark Ganus, H. Kingsley Thurber, Sam Powell
Assistant Buffy Dude Joe Buffington
Development Support Personnel Joe Barnes, John Drabik (Tech Hardware Dudes), David Ross, Steve Aguirre (Sound Hacker Dudes), Lee Smith, Marcus Fisher, Matt Grate, Richard Reagan, Brian Miller, John Howa, Bryce Trapier (Master Kombat Dudes), Eric Nikolaisen (The Keymaster Dude)

Acclaim Development by The Gray Team

Producer Robert Leingang
Associate Producer Stacy Allyn Hendrickson
Analysts Tyrone Miller, Joe Libertella, Tom Rademacher, James Fink
Special Thanks To Tony, Alex and Eric, Ed Boon (@ Williams), John Tobias (@ Williams)
Mortal Kombat - Cast of Characters Daniel Pesina (Johnny Cage/Scorpion/Sub-Zero), Richard Divizio (Kano), Carlos Pesina (Rayden), Ho Sung Pak (Liu Kang/Shang Tsung), Elizabeth Malecki (Sonya)

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