New Horizons Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen.
Choose from six characters, each with his own storyline.
Joao Franco, for example.
Start of Joao Franco's story. Looks like your typical JRPG at first.
Character info.
Your stats and rankings.
Towns have different graphics depending on their location. Catalina has traveled far from Europe in this shot.
Looking at the local trading goods
The useful telescope, one of the various items in the game
One of the discoveries I made during my travels - the Khufu Pyramid
The tales of the wonders I witnessed impress the tavern waitresses around the world
Inside a building after traveling even farther east
Character info - one of my navigators
Fleet battle
Choosing attacks during a duel
This screen is shown when the duel actions are executed
After a successful battle, I can choose if I want to add captured ships to my fleet.