NHL 95 Credits


Software EngineersJason G. Andersen, Jonah Stich
Design byKevin Hogan, Michael Brook
Art byS. Green, Matthew Crysdale, Douglas Wike, Lori Champney, Cynthia Hamilton, Terrence C. Falls, Ian House, Kendra Lammas, Alyson Markel
Music byRussell Lieblich, Rob Hubbard
Sound byRussell Lieblich, Rob Hubbard
Organ Music byDieter Ruehle
Executive ProducerScott Orr
Supervising ProducerRob Martyn
ProducerKevin Hogan
Assistant ProducerKen Rogers
Testing byMike Graben, Matt Eastling, Mike Kaizuka, Michael Hensley
Technical DirectorsEvan Robinson, David Walker
Product ManagerChip Lange
Player Ratings byJohn Rosasco (of the New York Rangers), Neil Smith (of the New York Rangers)
Player PortraitsSteve Babineau
Project CoordinatorKyra Pehrson
Special ThanksScott Probin, Gregory A. Thomas, Keith Francart

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Credits for this game were contributed by Christian Klein (6023) and formercontrib (159965)