Nosferatu Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title Screen
The introduction establishes Dracula's reputation
Our hero is determined to overcome the odds to save his sweetheart
Game options
The hero sprints into the estate
Starting out in the dungeon amidst relatively harmless imps
Climbing, a fundamental movement in this game
Investigating a treasure chest
The slide, another essential move
The fierce traps start early
An exit
Taking on a Frankenstein monster with bare knuckles (and winning)
The stage 1 boss is a werewolf
Stage clear
Stage 2, battling a classic mummy monster
Spikes come in many forms in this game and play a prominent role in the decor
Stage 2 boss(es): a pair of apes
Stage 3 has floating axes
Morbidly obese ghosts
Our hero fights monsters bare-fisted and can move mighty slabs
Even the books in the library are out to get our hero
This boss zombie is a bit pathetic -- everytime he takes a beating, he vomits
Inter-stage cutscene
Stage 4 has floating eyeball creatures
The stage 4 boss is a mud creature that shoots heads
Buzzsaws in the floors of stage 5
A rock monster is the final miniboss before heading on to the sixth and last stage
In stage 6, the artwork is out to get you
Taking on Dracula in his lair
Game over screen