Out of This World Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen (U. S. version)
Nice lightning effects around the title (European version)
Title screen (European version)
Outer World (Japanese).
Lester's diary. This sequence is absent in the PC version (European version)
K.I.T.T. .... is that you!
You really shouldn't leave your fingerprints laying around like that.
I wouldn't exactly call it a FERRARI but... Oh, I see. You're being sarcastic. Thank you, Sarcastic Computer System.
Fuc*ing beast.
Press Start button to pause the game at any time (European version)
Not really sure if I should just drop into the dark abyss or jump into Ugly Face there.
A beautiful cut scene (European version)
Is this how you greet all visitors around here...
First shot, THEN arrested.
From now on, you have a weapon (European version)
Where there's light, there's hope!
...unless, of course, if you find yourself in a place that looks like Minas Morgul.
Best shot ever.
Not really sure what's going on here, but I'll assume a giant arm holding a light saber is watching me.
Don't let the water get to you. It's freezing cold.
Nice walls (European version)
A puzzle: to shoot or not to shoot? Maybe this alien can be useful somehow (European version)
Shooting a bomb out of the pistol at an enemy (European version)
Cave level: crawl through narrow passages and avoid deadly geizers (European version)
The hero in a cut-scene (European version)
You become a gladiator for the aliens. Solve the puzzle, protect the machine from the shots and launch it to leave the stadium
Underwater level (European version)
Facing one of the trickiest enemies in the game (European version)
A puzzle: shoot the correct green bundle to make it fall down on a guard's head (European version)