PGA Tour 96 Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Game options
Game modes
Golfers choice
Golfer profile
Game start up
In game options
Ball in flight
Shot options
Disappointment - different for each golfer
Aiming the hole
Game without layout elements
Course preview
Tournament scores
Practice alternative view

Genesis version

The quite mundane title screen
The same can be said about the main menu
Mr. Kite won that much in 22 years of career. Can you do better?
In here you set your game preferences. However, don't expect options for outrageous clothes.
Instead of going head to head with the Pros, nothing like a practice run on a common par 4 hole
It seems to be going well...
... and the reverse angle replay confirms a good drive, which lands on the fairway.
The second stroke failed to hit the green, but it's still in a good position. Chipping the ball here can approach the ball enough for a par shot, or even hit a birdie.
It goes perfectly in direction of the hole...
... and goes down for a birdie. Perfecting chipping is a must for par 5 holes in tournaments.