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Possible the hardest game ever made John Rosbach (11) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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GameFan Magazine (Oct, 1992)
At first glance, you may think this is your average shooter, but play a few levels and you'll think again. This game saves the best for last and gets progressively harder as you go along. Just wait till you see the last level! Phalanx is a winner.
Random Access (Feb 18, 2017)
As far as shmups go, I can easily say that Phalanx is one that I'll remember with fondness. I started out with low expectations and found myself pleasantly surprised by the details and the uniqueness of the game. If I had seen it on the shelf gracing its banjo man cover, it certainly would have caught my attention! Would it have been enough to buy it? Maybe. Maybe not. I do know that I really enjoyed this game and would definitely give it more playthroughs and recommendations. Maybe one day I'll beat it on Normal mode and see the actual ending.
Phalanx ist kein Spiel, für das man gerne die eigene Kohle raushaut. Die Geschichte bei Mutti oder Bruder als Geschenk in Auftrag zu geben, geht jedoch völlig in Ordnung.
N-Force (Oct, 1992)
Phalanx is really enjoyable but just too unoriginal to be considered anything more than a better than average shoot-'em-up.
The Video Game Critic (Sep 22, 2015)
This game is probably best known for its ridiculous box cover featuring an old hillbilly with a banjo. What were the marketing people thinking?! Phalanx is just a side-scrolling shooter that lets you blast alien ships with extreme prejudice.
Video Games (Sep, 1992)
Die Grafik von Phalanx ist äußerst dürftig und verfällt stellenweise ins Zeitlupentempo. Kemco demonstriert eindrucksvoll, daß man ohne programmtechnische Höchstleistung keine ruckelfreien Ballerspiele zustandebringt. Wenn‘s schon ruckelt, wollen wir dafür wenigstens Innovation und brandneue Spielideen sehen. Stattdessen gibt‘s bei Phalanx abgedroschenes Leveldesign, einfalls- und witzlos.
Play Time (Dec, 1992)
Alle acht Level sind eine Frechheit! Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist so hoch, daß selbst Leute, die Last Resort (NEO GEO) mit verbundenen Augen durchspielen, absolut chancenlos sind. Das Spiel ist nicht ab und zu, sondern ständig unfair! Hinzu kommen technische Mängel, Grafikfehler und Bildüberlappungen! Allzuoft kommt der Prozessor ins Schleudern und tritt auf die Bremse. Das nuckeln bei vielen Objekten gleichzeitig auf dem Schirm ist noch verzeihbar, aber das fast alle Gegner mit kleinen, roten Antibaby-Pillen als Schußart ausgerüstet sind, ödet doch stark an.
Just Games Retro (Oct 07, 2002)
Still, when all is said and done, Phalanx isn't much more interesting than R-Type, or the multitude of clones. How many times you can pilot an experimental space ship against hordes of mechanical aliens is a question you alone must answer. If you think you're ready for some more of the same, come after Phalanx with guns blazing. If the whole shooter genre never really caught your interest to begin with, go prospecting for another game.
The Game Hoard (Apr 01, 2018)
While it can’t match the boxart in the creativity department, Phalanx had a faint glimmer of hope when it came to some of the ideas it had. A few interesting level concepts and an intriguing take on tying bombs to weapons could have worked, but it’s got a few niggling problems that keep it from even being just a typical space shooter. Things are satisfying when you’ve got the strongest weapons pumping, but it’s a drag when you get knocked down and the game tries to force the good stuff out of you with sweeps of small shots and overly long battles that test your patience.
HonestGamers (Jan 13, 2004)
For the most part, there are no redeeming qualities to speak of. This game does some things right, but not enough.