Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday Ad Blurbs (SNES)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - SNES (US):
    Porky's going on a dream vacation to Dry Gulch Creek Haunted Theme Park. But as he sleeps, the holiday of his dreams turns into a real nightmare...

    • Be brave! Choose your skill level and guide Porky through six scary worlds like the Haunted Woods and Dry Gulch Ghost Town.
    • Be careful! Each world is full of hazards, traps, tons of ghosts, monsters and villains to trash and smash.
    • Be surprised! The amazing Chaos Mapping System actually changes the weather each time the game is played! Snow, rain, fod, sun - you never know what you'll be up against.
    • Be a hero! Is this little piggy just crying wolf, or is it really a dream-come-true?
    Pack all your game playing skills, because this is a trip you'll want to take over and over again.

    Contributed by WildKard (12985) on Nov 28, 2006.