Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Controls: You can change which ever button you want for which ever action
Intro: Porky Pig was reading a brochure in bed when he fell asleep and ended up in a nightmare
Game Map
The Haunted Woods: First stage - Every time you start the game, the season will be randomly selected so it may be Winter or Summer, Fall and Spring
Hanging on to a chain to reach the other platforms
By picking up a basket of fruit, Porky will have unlimited ammo to throw at this enemies
Climbing the spooky tree
Dry Gulch Town
Remember to look both ways before cross the tracks!
Falling down a well: Try to get as many cupcakes as possible. 100 cupcakes would get you an extra life
Boss: Yosemite Sam - Reflect his bullets to hit the weight above him
On the raft, watch out for vultures and piranhas
Underwater - Looks like there's a shrine for Daffy here? Watch out for those stars shooting flower-thing
When Porky reaches an "X" marked on the ground, he will put up a flag which will mark a restore spot.
Jumping on a balloon blown by that elephant-lizard-thing
The Abandon Mines
Man those rats are huge!
Sliding down and killing enemies along the way
Follow the arrows so you wouldn't get lost
The Alps
Watch out for those giant ice things that pops up from below
Ducking to fit under low areas without falling off the carrot
Boss: Snowman: Jump on his head while he's bowling snow balls at Porky
The Castle: Last Stage
Pick up hearts to refill your health meter