Prehistorik Man Credits


DesignRob Stevens, Francis Fournier, Florent Moreau, Eric Zmiro
ProgrammingRob Stevens
Map GraphicsFrancis Fournier
BackgroundsFrancis Fournier, Paul Tumelaire, Jean-Christophe Alessandri
SpritesJean-Christophe Alessandri
Boss GraphicsPaul Tumelaire, Didier Carrère
Additional GraphicsSotheara Khem, Frank Demoliere, Yannick Bacheland
MusicGilles Rea, Laurent Mignard
Music ImplementationEric Caen
MIDI ConversionEric Caen
Music and SFX ProgrammingRob Stevens
Sound EffectsRob Stevens
Stage LayoutsRob Stevens, Francis Fournier, Frédéric Gérard, Hervé Trisson
Map Editing ToolsEric Caen
Graphic Sourcing ToolsEric Caen
Directed byRob Stevens
Produced byEric Caen, Florent Moreau
Executive ProducerHervé Caen
Special Greetings toAll you who played the game
AndMorgane Caen, Lea Caen, who arrived in the world during the development of this game.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65759)