Prehistorik Man Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen (Japanese version)
Title screen (US version)
Opening story
You and the characters you will meet.
Stage 1: Jungle steps
I fell down a cave but at least I found some fries. Ugh, what r 'fries'?
I entered a cave.
On the other side of the cave.
If I wake this 'ree-tartada', I can restart here if I die.
Stage 2: Ancient bridges
Ugh, me need bug spray.
Bad kitty!
Reached my goal.
Stage 3: Cloud Canyon
Drat, I went to far down.
I lost all my lives. Continue?
If you wait too long he falls asleep.
Ugh, what happen?
I was squashed by a boulder. Game over.
Nice chick
Lion killed me
Spider as lift