Rock n' Roll Racing Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen.
A single menu screen.
Ready to select your character?
You'll need buy upgrades to improve your car...
Here you can adjust some settings before the race. And buy other upgrades too!
The start grid.
Maximum power!
This race will be very exciting!
Race results.
The beginning of a race can be very dangerous, with all drivers firing missiles and laying mines.
Using a mine to get rid of a follower
Blowing up another car with a well-aimed missile
Using the boost
A race on New Mojave
Slipping on a puddle of oil
At high speeds, you can easily jump off the track...
... and end up in the wrong place.
The ice planet NHO
Firing missiles at Butcher Icebone
When a car starts to smoke it can't take many more hits