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Secret of Mana Credits

Production / Direction

Executive ProducersRich Silveira, Toshiyuki Horii, Junichi Yanagihara, Douglas E. Smith, Tetsuo Mizuno
Producer, Concept / System Design, Scenario Message DataHiromichi Tanaka
Director, Chief Game Design, Animation / Monster DesignKĊichi Ishii

Game Design

Battle System Design, Monster LogisticsGoro Ohashi
Map System Design / DataYasushi Matsumura
Map DataToshiyuki Inoue


Lead ProgrammingNasir Gebelli
Monster Control ProgrammingSatoru Yoshieda
Boss Monster ProgrammingTaku Murata
Message ProgrammingMasaaki Saito
"Ring" Menu ProgrammingRyo Muto
Calculation ProgrammingYoshiyuki Miyagawa
Sound ProgrammingMinoru Akao
Demo ProgrammingFumiaki Fukaya

Graphic Design

Chief Map Graphic DesignYasuhiko Kamata
Map Graphic DesignTetsuya Takahashi, Manabu Daishima, Misako Tsutsui
World Map Graphic DesignAkira Ueda
Map DesignHidetoshi Kezuka

Character Design

Player Character DesignShinichi Kameoka
Monster Character DesignHiroyuki Narushima
Character DesignShinichiro Okaniwa
Magic AnimationShintaro Takai
Monster AnimationNoriko Sasaki

Sound Design

Music ComposerHiroki Kikuta
Sound Effects DesignYasunori Mitsuda, Kenji Ito


Main Visual ArtworkHiroo Isono
Network ManagementKeitarou Adachi
Debug SupportTsukasa Fujita

English Credits

DirectionKaoru Moriyama
TranslationTed Woolsey
SupportLi Weimin
StaffChris Budd, Lynn Novak, Kaeli Kreider, Kathryn Renstrom, Kelly Beloit, Nathan Williams, James Gillis, Charlie Wilson
Focus GroupAndrew Ruggles, Joshua Gabbard, Roger Henty, Simon Kunz, Max Kunz, Chad Bye, Carl Holzboog, Brandon Stewart, Jesse Anarda, Jeremy Devenport, John M. Phillips, Marc Coluccio, Charlie Molls, Kurt Lentz

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Credits for this game were contributed by J. Michael Bottorff (1779)