The world of the game is faithfully reconstructs the system of sephiroth (ספירות), the ten vessels of creation in the Jewish mystical teaching Kabblah. All the locations of the Makai (魔界), or the "Demon World", are named after the sephiroth, and are arranged in exactly the same way as they are shown in the drawings of Kabbalah teachers. For example, the lowest sephira, Malkhut, is represented as our world, the world of human beings, while the Makai begins with the second-lowest sephira Yesod and gradually expands into higher sephiroth.

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On May 13th, 2004, Aeon Genesis released a complete Japanese-to-English translation patch for the SNES release.

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The heroes of the game are named after five letters of Hebrew alphabet: Aleph, Beth, Gimmel, Daleth, and Zayin.

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"Shin Megami Tensei II" introduces quite an unusual character: YHVH, the God of Jewish and Christian religions (!). He is also mentioned in "Shin Megami Tensei", but makes his first appearance in this game.

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