Snow White in Happily Ever After Credits (SNES)

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Snow White in Happily Ever After Credits

Snow White in Happily Ever After: an Imagetec Design Inc. production for American Softworks Corporation brought to you by the following

Programming bySteve Oldacre, Paul Proctor
Art Work byPeter Goldsmith, Marie Fox, Richard Lodge
Additional Computer Graphics and Maps bySteve Noake (as Slick)
Music byIan Howe
Sound FX byIan Howe
Game Designed byMarie Fox, Peter Goldsmith, Jamie Irvine, Adrian Waterhouse, Paul Proctor, Steve Oldacre
Product Tested byJody Cobb
Executive ProducerMartin Hooley
ASC Assistant ProducersJason Gomez, Shamus Bowker, Trevor Grossman
Product ManagerLidia Bonanno
Art DirectionSuzanne Perry (as Suzy Perry)
Cover artDirk Wunderlich

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