Sonic Blast Man Credits (SNES)

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Sonic Blast Man Credits


Game DesignYuji Takasu (Takasu)
ProgrammingKenichi Hiza (Hiza), Kiyotaka Akaza (Akaza), Toru Kuniyoshi (Kuniyoshi)
GraphicsYuji Takasu (Takasu), Kenji Miyagi (Miyagi)
SoundZuntata, Katsuhisa Ishikawa (Ishikawa)
Special ThanksKenji Yoshioka (Yoshioka), Tomoaki Kasuya (Kasuya), Oomori, Satoshi Tachihara (Tachihara), Yukiko Sanagawa (Sanagawa), Hayashi, Igarashi, Terui, Urabe, Harada

Cover (Japanese back cover / European front cover)

Illustrations (イラスト)TONG KING SHOW

Cover (US)

Cover Artwork byPaul Faris

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