Space Football: One on One Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Before a match starts
The overview of the field for level 1
Game On!
Got the hoverball in my sights
Alot of the game is spent just trying to chase down the hoverball
In one of the goal zones with no hoverball
You can only go the way the arrows are pointing
When the ball is in your possession it will start changing colors
If the ball is held on for too long, it will automatically be fumbled
You can also shoot the hoverball forward
The goal zone is in sight
So close
Time is running down
Scored a touchdown
Won the match
The map of the field for level 2
Starting level 2's match
Lost the game
A codeword is given to resume play at a later time
Choosing a player to play as
A high speed player
Before a 2 player game starts
2 player split screen match