Sports Illustrated Championship Football & Baseball Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Select a sport
Football main menu
Football options
Football team comparisons
The coin toss
Kick off
Pick a play
On defense
Sometimes the game camera zooms in on a play
On offense
Game stats
Football season options
Team schedule
League schedule
Football standings
Baseball options
Baseball team comparisons
Choose a pitcher
Info on the batter
Throwing a ball, both literally and physically
Ball hit into the air
Home run celebration on the scoreboard
When pitching first the speed meter has to be filled to determine the speed of the pitch
Then a ball will go across the plate, and the pitch will be aimed at where the player stopped it
Seeing which batters are due up
At bat
Bat meet ball
A home run hit
Some video of a homerun plays
Time out while batting
Baseball standings