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Star Fox (SNES)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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SuperFX and awesome gamedesign! Lumpi (197) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description MobyScore
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Overall MobyScore (77 votes) 3.9

The Press Says

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Retro Spirit Games
Starfox is mostly remembered due to its pioneering visual style. Back in 1993 the sort of 3D seen here was unimaginable on the 16-bit Super Nintendo. That is, until the talented boffins at Argonaut Software designed the Super-FX chip, a coprocessor that could be included in the game cartridge to give the SNES some extra 'whomph' under the bonnet, enabling it to simulate 3D. The visuals absolutely blew everyone away at the time and would forever secure Starfox's place in the videogame history books. Of course, it didn't hurt the title's sales figures and popularity that it was also a damn good game. Produced by Nintendo's man with the midas touch, Shigeru 'Super Mario' Miyamoto and featuring an epic soundtrack by Hajime Hirasawa – a soundtrack that still gets remixed by producers and bands to this day – Starfox is an incredibly polished game that didn't just rely on its ground breaking visual techniques to get noticed.
Video Game Den
Star Fox is a fantastic game and a timeless classic.
Entertainment Weekly
The first game to incorporate Nintendo's ''Super FX'' computer chip, this pseudo-3D space shooter moves so fast that it practically qualifies as virtual reality.
Power Unlimited
Starwing was zo'n beetje het eerste spel dat niet alleen gebruik maakte van 3D graphics, maar ook nog leuk was om te spelen. Dat gebundeld met de hoge snelheid en goeie muziek maakt het tot een van de beste spellen van zijn tijd.
Nintendo Magazine System UK
The stunning, the staggeringly smart Star Fox; set to become an industry standard for excellence - and a players standard in FUN.
Total! (Germany)
Kurzum: Mit Star Fox ist Nintendo ein ganz großer Wurf gelungen, an dem sich kommende Titel messen müssen. Zwar sprüht es, wie gesagt, nicht vor Einfallsreichtum, doch die pausenlose Action und die geniale Grafik schrauben die Motivation auf ein Höchstmaß an. Und dort bleibt sie dann auch ganz, ganz lange Zeit...
Super Play Magazine UK
(The graphics) They're smooth and fast enough to effectively convey the 3D action they set out to convey, and (importantly) are much more imaginative than the 3D stuff you've probably seen anywhere else. The spectacular 3D sprite animations of the bosses are better than anything you'll have seen elsewhere, for instance, and even when the screen gets cluttered, the frame rate stays fast enough to prevent things getting jerky and confusing. The handling of Fox's spaceship is flawlessly smooth and satisfying too, and great sound backs up the action tremendously. The combination of film-like music (Star Wars sprang to mind more than once, unsurprisingly enough) and smashing effects (like powerful explosions and hilarious critter talk) causes real sensory overload at times.
Nintendo Land
Some years ago the evil scientist Andross that was banished from the peaceful planet Corneria for making dangerous experiments extremely close to populate areas . He was sent to the desert planet Venom where he in secrecy started to build up his now gigantic fleet . Now he has declared war against Corneria an his starfleet has defeated all resistance and is now heading for Corneria. This when the Star Fox team consisting of Fox Mccloud, Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad and Peppy Hare are being contacted. With the aid of the Cornerian army´s newest state of the art battleships the Arwings they will have to fight their way through Andross´s big fleet and finaly confront Andross himself. You controll the leader of the Star Fox team Fox Mccloud and you three teammates are controlled by the SNES. This is the first game to use the FX-chip to create the "fantasic" 3d worlds in Star Fox.
A la fois immersif et divertissant, l’univers de Starwing arrive à ne pas tomber dans le piège de la démo technique en proposant un univers cohérent et parfaitement maîtrisé. Doté de personnages charismatiques et attachants, prendre le contrôle de l’Airwing offre des sensations uniques que les jeux 2D ne pouvaient pas encore proposer. Même si les puristes des shoot’em up verront en Starwing un jeu grand public, les autres y trouveront une expérience vidéoludique inoubliable notamment grâce au combat final dantesque. C’est donc un pari réussi pour Nintendo qui entre sereinement dans la troisième dimension.
Nintendo Life
Argonaut and Nintendo created a magical team for this project. The sparks literally flew from the screen, in a genuine mix of European and Japanese talent. Aurally, visually and in its character design and presentation it was phenomenal in 1993 and will be rightly remembered as a classic.
Just Games Retro
I remember first laying eyes on Star Fox at a game store display, and pretty much freaking the fuck out. I believe I would have killed a man on the spot if it would have resulted in me walking away with the game. The idea of a space shooter was, of course, not particularly unique. The idea of a space shooter with three-dimensional polygon ships and backgrounds, however, was very unique. It was especially unheard of for a console, and was only made possible by the Super FX coprocessor chip, which this game acted as a flagship title for. As Argonaut Software designed both the chip and the game, this should come as no surprise. What is a surprise is that the game is far more than a simple tech demo, and was luckily worth every single bit of freak out I initially had.
Power Play
Sternenfüchschen und ich haben nicht nur die gleiche Haarfarbe, es war auch sonst Liebe auf den ersten Blick. Ein besseres Werbe-Vehikel für ihren neue FX-Wunderchip hätte Nintendo nicht auf die Startrampe legen können. Starfox begeistert vom ersten Moment und kann langfristig motivieren. Ausgeklügelte Gegnerangriffsformationen, cleveres Level-Design und beeindruckende 3-D-Effekte lassen vergessen, das wir nicht völlig frei im All herumdüsen dürfen, sondern uns auf einer (relativ) festgelegten Bahn bewegen. Die drei unterschiedlichen Schwierigkeitsgrade unterscheiden sich völlig vom Fluggefühl und sind jeder für sich eine Herausforderung. Bis auf die gewöhnungsbedürftige Außenperspektive hat man das Automatenvorbild Starblade perfekt kopiert.
Game Informer Magazine
The controls obviously aren't analog, but they still feel better than you might expect. All this just begs the question: if Star Fox started out leading the pack in terms of technology and graphics, why is he lagging so far behind now?
Ja, der neue Wunderchip hat's schon in sich: Eine derart pfeilschnelle und flüssige 3D-Grafik kennt man bisher nur aus der Spielhalle und von teuren Highend-PCs – da sieht man über den nicht übermäßig berauschenden Detailreichtum der Galakto-Landschaften gern hinweg. Auch beim Spieldesign wurden alle Register gezogen, so entsteht z.B. unter jedem Schwierigkeitsgrad ein völlig anderes Fluggefühl, was natürlich Wasser auf die Mühlen der Motivation ist. Dazu gibt’s ausgeklügelte Angriffsformationen, eine stimmungsvolle Soundkulisse mit deutscher Sprachausgabe und zwei per Knopfdruck anwählbare Perspektiven. Klare Sache: Starwing ist ein Hammer!
The excellent setting and revolutionary graphics are icing on the cake made of pure gameplay, and why Star Fox will, despite its flaws, be remembered as one of the best.
Digital Press - Classic Video Games
It does remain an experience like Nintendo wanted it be, or at least how they wanted you to think it would be. It's worth playing, that much is undeniable. What it's not though is a great game. A good game, yes, but hardly the classic some make it out to be. The N64 follow up should be the classic.
The Video Game Critic
While not terribly addicting, Star Fox remains entertaining thanks to its thoughtful design and high production values. The heroic orchestrated score is outstanding, and hearing it will instantly transport you back to 1993. This was also the first game I can recall where the stereo sound effects really got my attention. Star Fox may not be the "A+" title it once was, but this landmark game is still fascinating to look back on.