Written by  :  Drew Miller (2)
Written on  :  Sep 01, 2004
Rating  :  3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars

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Not too bad .. a little slow in movement & bosses are somewhat God like XD

The Good

I liked this game because...it's a fight-on game. You get to 1st pick one of 5 players. Then you have your jump, Kick Punch and weapon. Then you have the L and R attacks. which are a bunch of silly Up down left right junk for each guy and you will learn them as you play the game. You can still use them at the start the game just won't tell you. Also 2 player through the game, and 2 player VS mode. The ending are the sprites playing the song that starts on the Press Start Screen...but I sort of like that music heh. Sprites are nice, sounds are nice. It's all good....

The Bad

Some of the R/L attacks are hard to put in but not too hard so you can't do them at all. Also the Weapon/Kick/Punch can be hold and charged to do an other attack. Clifford has the Green gem and ninja hair attacks are good but L and R attacks not that great but his sword is nice. Cornelus has the...mmm Orange I guess and skates one of his attacks is speeding across very hateful for me Weapon nice. Chester has the Blue gem. His R/L attacks are the hardiest for me but very nice. He drums up fireballs to rain down heh and weapon Nice. Maxwell R/L are close range I think. Weapon is nice. Now my Favorite Angus the one with the cameo and Yellow. His R/L moves are very nice. One lowers the Bad guy AI the other shocks every one. (This is the only one I remember X.x) His weapon how ever is a gun and each guy has a weapon finish. He throws a grenade so it stops the combo.

The Bottom Line

It's hard. Not too kid like. The cut scenes are neat. And the ending is not too bad. It's....a heavy sleeper, I would say, and few people will like it or hate it. And I'm sorry If This dose not sound right here. Heh. Bosses can be hard, some are really hard. Last boss is somewhat easy but all you can beat if you take your time...I think. Last thing close to the TV show. And others say this is a wonderful game.