Street Fighter II Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

The title screen
In this original version there are 8 different fighters available. As you can see, the character portraits are not very sophisticated in this version.
Character info for the deadliest chick on the block: Chun Li
E. Honda gets kicked in the face by Ryu
Blanka puts his teeth in Ken's neck, tasty!
Zangief shows off one of his wrestling moves
Post-match insults to humiliate the loser
Zangief wrecking a car in one of the bonus mini-games
Dhalsim sets Ken on fire with his yoga flame
E. Honda protects his face from Chun Li's fancy footwork
Guile jumps over, what is probably, the most famous projectile ever to be included in a fighting game.
Ken takes an uppercut on the chin from first boss Balrog
Second boss Vega climbs in the fence
Third boss Sagat discovers that Dhalsim's legs are pretty long
Fourth and final boss M. Bison shows Guile that he ain't the end boss for nothing
Ken was perfectly smashed by Ryu's Shoryuken!
Break an enormous stack of bricks is an excellent exercise for the body and a great way to increase the score!
X-Ray examination... :-D
The impact moment is close: in instants, Ken will feel Guile's Flash Kick power size!
Dhalsim's rotating kick: hit connected!
Persuaded for Chun-Li and her throw.
Ken throws the wild Blanka
Win a round with full health for "PERFECT" is great!
Zangief's Double Lariat striking Ken's face
Chun-Li hits a very styled kick in Zangief: this is just the beginning!
M. Bison strikes back the Chinese fighter with a Psycho Crusher, but she prepares the defense at time.
Dhalsim's Yoga Fire surpasses the fast kicks barrier created by Chun-Li: this is bad!
Make the enemy to suffer using an audacious Hurricane Kick, it's a big deal!
Imagine the big migraine that Blanka can be feeling now...
Configuring a VS. match: decrease (or increase) the damage level and choose one of the 12 stages available to battle.