Sunset Riders Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Main menu
Options. Choose difficulty, number of lives, continues etc.
These are the 4 players playable: the first is Steve...
...The next is Billy!
Bob and you coolest shoot (in my opinion!)...
And Cormano!
Then, select (er, CHOOSE!) your player!
"I'm find a power-up! Enemies, here I go!!!"
The best physical exercise for legs: race in bulls!
"It's time to pay? IT'S TIME TO DIE!"
A good sheriff always helps the most needed without blinking.
But a good sheriff also it has moments of diversion! The Wild West is the must!
Crossing the ravine through the rope: the outlaws are of eye in everything and all!
The final bosses of the game. But they will not be in the shade for as much time!
I love the ladies!
Rescue the terrified lady first
Sir Richard Rose is a coward man...