Super Chase H.Q. Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Taito Monitoring System
Round 1
"Get out of the #$*!@! I'm in a hurry here!"
Inside a tunnel
Caught up with criminal no. 1
"Cripes! He's got a gun"
Damaged the criminal's car
Round 1 Statistics
Round 2
A bikie throwing a firebomb at you
Scooped him up
Criminal #2
Damaged the car
Round 2 Statistics
Round 3
"You're driving the wrong way, you moron"
Criminal #3
Round 3 Statistics
Round 4
A barricade got in the way
Criminal #4
Round 4 Statistics
Round 5
Someone's keeping their eye on you
Criminal #5
"Damn, man, I knew we should've used those turbos"
The bastards even send a freakin' helicopter to chase my ass!