Written by  :  Satoshi Kunsai (2093)
Written on  :  Apr 05, 2003
Platform  :  SNES

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Now this is a game for a man!

The Good

Ahh, Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts...a game for big, burly, strong men! ^_^ Just kidding! Seriously though, this is one game that I can consider one for the hardcore freaks. You know the types: glassy eyes, twitchy fingers, can move their eyes like chameleons to see every last thing going on, and can beat this game...TWICE!!...on only ONE life! And on the HIGHEST difficulty! Why do I say that? Read on!

If you've been around the block enough times, you'll know that the Ghosts 'N Goblins series is one of the toughest, most notoriously hardest game series out there. You play the part of the brave knight Sir Arthur, who must save his beloved Princess PrinPrin from a bunch of evil ghouls, demons, and other rather unpleasent types. Arthur has one advantage: he's got one hell of an arm, or to put it in simpler terms, he can hurl his weapon at his foes. Anything from javelins, daggers, torches, axes, arrows, and what have you can be found and used against the undead denizens of this hellish world Arthur is in. But he also has one disadvantage! If any enemy or projectile hits him, he'll get knocked right out of his armor, leaving him clad in only heart-patterned boxers. Get hit a second time, and Arthur will be reduced to a pile of bones, a.k.a. dead. Sure, Arthur can double-jump, too, but that's not going to be enough! You've gotta use your wits to defeat some of these monsters, especially the HUGE bosses at the end of each stage (the nastiest of the nasty!) But Arthur can turn the tables if he can find a magically enhanced suit of armor, which will allow him to charge up his weapons and REALLY kick some demon arse!

So now that I've covered the gameplay, onto the graphics, sounds, and music. For a first-gen SNES title, the graphics were amazing! Sharp, creepy colors, fluid animations, and well-detailed backgrounds (and some snazzy Mode7 effects!) showed off to new SNES owner just what kind of power they had in that little gray box! The sounds were really cool (although I wish they had some cool pieces like maybe a zombie moan or two), and fitting, and the music? Let's say this: best remix of the GnG theme EVER, but every other piece deserves mention! Best GnG music EVER!

The Bad

Maybe one or two things. Here we go...

For one, this game is HARD. Not a little hard, but REALLY hard. And to make matters worse, you have to beat it TWICE to really beat it! You think I jest? Beat the final boss, and guess what PrinPrin says? THE WHOLE THING WAS AN ILLUSION!!! You've gotta beat it AGAIN!! And the second time around is TWICE (no, make that more like THRICE!!) as hard as before!! Heaven forbid you chose the Professional difficulty...

But you know what? If you can beat it twice, you are a real man (or woman!)

The Bottom Line

Wanted: Professional or hardcore freak gamers to play one incredibly hard, but way cool game. Must have twitchy fingers, patience, and a perchant for killing things that go bump in the night. Armor and weapons provided. Sign-up bonus: a princess for all the hard work. Call or apply in person. Please bring SNES (or GBA) on day of interview.