Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World Screenshots (SNES)

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Title screen.
The remake of Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario World.
Super Mario Bros. title screen
Super Mario Bros. - The Lost Levels title screen
Super Mario Bros. 2 title screen.
Super Mario Bros. 3 title screen.
Super Mario World title screen.
Coins, very coins!
While Lakitu is throwing many Spinys, you can stay down and wait the turbulence finish.
Three Goombas are defeated with one Koopa Shell. It's strike!
Fire Mario can throw 2 fireballs at the "same time". Useful to eliminate weak enemies... at long distance!
Mario is temporarily protected of the Hammer Bros. and its "work tools".
Swimming helps to revitalize the muscles. But, if possible, swim alone...
Hyper Luigi?!?
Bye bye, Bowser (or Koopa, you choose) ...
What awaits you in the top of this extense plant? Only has a way to know...
After Birdo launch an egg, goes up in it, grasp and return it to the true owner!
POW Block: sufficiently useful when the screen contains many enemies. Throw it in the ground and "feels" the effect...
Defeat this fat mouse with its own bombs! Grasp and return to him...
One crew of Phantos observes constantly the entrance of invaders in this compartment. Be malicious and catch the "treasure"!
The Piranha Plant see intently the new (but until Super Star's effect finishes) movement used for Mario: caper!
Mario's Hammer Bros.' costume can help in this moment? If he will be careful, yes!
Run, Mario! There are many Koopas to eliminate and some time to fly!
You have entered in King of the Koopas' domains. If you want to have some possibility of face it in a final duel, win the "preliminaries"...
Try catch a turtle shell and eliminate many enemies (at least 8) simultaneously... 1-UP!
Mario is ducked to protect your skin...
Jump in this switch to fill the underlined blocks and walk over it. There are more 3 like this in all the game: play and find all of them!
In this bug, you have the crazy capacity of spit fishes... It's true!
The bonus game gives you the maximum reward!