Written by  :  Joesonic5678 (4)
Written on  :  Oct 26, 2008
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Four awesome Mario games, what more could you want?

The Good

Rarely would O call a game prefect, but in my opinion Super Mario All Stars for the Super Nintendo is pretty darn close. Four amazing games on one cartridge, with sound and graphic upgrades from the original NES versions. You can also now save your progress which you could not in the NES originals. The game themselves are heaps of fun and easy to pick up, but impossible to put down. Mario 1, 3 and Lost Levels all have a 2 player mode were you take turns to complete levels, but you can help one another to complete the game or just race each other to the end. This can be great fun and I have many found memories of playing it with my big brother. Mario 3 also has a 2-player mode which is a remake of the original Mario Bros. arcade game, also great.

The Bad

Not that much, I suppose that its not so much a bad thing, but seriously, Super Mario Bros.-The Lost Levels is a HARD game (if your not aware of the history of Lost Levels and Mario 2, look it up on Wikipedia,its an interesting story). It does not mess around. Now I consider myself to be a pretty good Mario player, but after years of trying I can hardly get past the first world. So that ones for the HARDCORE only.

The Bottom Line

Well like I've said about 23 times now, its 4 awesome games on one cartridge. If you've never played a Mario game before (crazy fool!) this is a great place to start. This was actually the first Mario game I played. PLAY IT NOW!!!