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All-Stars title screen
The nice game selection screen, complete with the original boxes. Here we have Super Mario Bros...
... Super Mario Bros 2 ...
... Super Mario Bros 3 ...
... and Lost Levels, which was never released in Europe before.
Ok, let's start playing... The Super Mario 1 title screen as we almost know it, but they reworked the graphics. Nice!
Now who doesn't know THAT scene? It probably was the first Nintendo gaming experience for most of us, wasn't it?
A revamped bonus room...
... and this level is already complete!
Now this is another classic location... I just hated this level when I played the game the first time... this scary music hehe :)
Super Mario 2... the most weird Nintendo game ever - and believe me, they knew it.
Player select - you could actually play with four different figures, which really played different.
Weirdo landscape. As this game wasn't intended to be a Mario game, it's excusable.
A bottle... hmmm... let's smash it on this creature's head :)
... this opens the door to... well, to what? The Matrix? Another World? Dunno, just some dark place with lots of powerups :)
It really does what it tells - POW :D
After the freak-o stuff in SMB2, we really love to get back to the classic Mario games... Super Mario 3!
The game map, where we travel to the levels. Copied in many, many games after this :)
These lame-o enemies now can fly (which doesn't make them any more effective against Mario, hehe)
Course clear - you got a card! Those bonus cards could get you extra lifes, power mushrooms etc.
Finally, the Lost Levels game. It's like Mario 1, but MUCH harder.
As you can see here - this is the very first level!
Yeah! 2 Up!
In each world has one or more of these Toad's shop. It's free, but you can pick ONLY 1 chest!
An easy way to defeat enemies is sliding in a slope.
This happens when the player collect three same cards: a fire-worked item in the sky!
Defeat the fortress boss and collect this "?" ball. You have finished the level with success!
In some levels, there are platforms like these. Be careful when crossing them or a false step can puts you in danger...
Entering in the tubes to find items and coins. Sometimes, they works like shortcuts too. Find them and enjoy it!
In World 4 of Super Mario Bros. 3, you'll see that in some stages, the objects and enemies are bigger than normal! Very cool...
Nintendo poking at SEGA yet again...