Written by  :  james bright (5)
Written on  :  Oct 15, 2007
Platform  :  SNES
Rating  :  3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars

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Nice game! But it's overrated.

The Good

Super Mario world for the SNES is a good game, it's fun to play has lots of power-ups, lots of levels but it's overrated. There are some who say it's the best game ever made and the best platformer ever- but trust me it's not THAT good. It's nowhere near as good as people say it is, but it's still fun. Just believe me, this is the honest truth. Anyway, here's what is good about the game:

Loads of level and secrets to find! This gives the game lots of replay value. It's also quite well presented, with nice music and nice sprites. There are loads of enemies to fight, some of which are actually quite funny and the bosses are wonderfully inventive. This is Yoshi's first game, and while his presence does little to enhance the gameplay, it's good to have a new form of power-up. The game also invents various new things for the Mario series (like spin jumps, Yoshi, reserve items and secret worlds) which really helped to make the games after this good. And the gameplay is rather good if you compare it to the previous titles which were occasionally rather unbalanced. All these things mixed in with great level designs, clever puzzles and fun mini games make for a GOOD (not great) platformer. (It's better than Cheetahmen 2, the worst ever platformer ever devised)

The Bad

Most of the reviews of this game say that it's utterly perfect- but that isn't true at all. Yeah it is good and all that but it's far from perfect. Super Mario world is probably the most overrated game of all time to be honest. (The most underrated game ever is Cheetahmen 2, which got horrible reviews that weren't bad enough for it)

For starters, the controls on the SNES joy-pad are terrible. They are so bad they lead to various frustrating deaths and power-up losses. And while the idea of having roughly 100 levels is nice, a little bit more time could have been put in to the secret levels. Some (But not all) are rather badly designed which shows that the design team were running out of ideas. One level has you just smashing an endless array of bricks to reach an low down exit. One is just a single screen, with a floor made of grab blocks and a lakitu in the sky. The exit is actually on screen as soon as you begin the stage. There are also lots of pointless blocks, like jumping blocks (which are pointless because Jumping boards do exactly the same) and bonus blocks (which are just plain useless). There are also message blocks (that give you tips) which are a real waste of time because it tells you all you need to know in the instruction booklet. The ending is also annoying because you've just battled your way through a huge game and all you get is a boring credits screen and screens that tell what the enemies are called. BUT IT'S STILL FUN TO PLAY!!!

The Bottom Line

Overrated! But a very good game. Fun to play, interesting ideas and great power-ups. However, the game falls short when it comes down to secret level designs, poor controls and various pointless ideas. Only recommended to proper Mario fans or people who want a long and challenging SNES game. The remake for GBA is far better.