Written by  :  Classix (101)
Written on  :  Jan 24, 2006
Platform  :  SNES
Rating  :  4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars

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A great Mario game.

The Good

Where to begin, where to begin. We all know and love the Mario games. Super Mario World is no exception. This was the best Mario game for SNES and one of the best ever. The new 16-bit graphics gave the game a better look and feel. The gameplay was also improved and the game runs much better than the NES versions, which ran quite well also. Once again, Bowser is taking over the world or something and you have to stop him. There are many new enemies introduced into this game. The levels look better and so does the sound and graphics. Everything that could have been improved from Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES), was. There are move things that Mario can do and more challenging levels. The game overall is harder, but more fun. This was the first game I owned for the SNES and it's one of my favorites. The unique star system is also fun. I like trying to collect 100 starts to play the mini games. I don't know why, but I just do. Also, I like that you can hold another power-up so that when you lose your own, you can get another almost immediately. Plus you can save your game or restart in the middle of a level if you die while playing it after the checkpoint. This game is definitely a classic and a must buy for anyone who has a SNES.

The Bad

Well, obviously there are things wrong with every game. Super Mario World didn't have to many. There was the occasional glitch, which reminds me of the time I was at the last level and got stuck in the wall. After I restarted the game, my game data was lost. I almost screamed. Anyway, I think that the graphics could have been a little better, like in Donkey Kong Country. There were many games that had 32-bit style graphics. This game wasn't one of them. Overall though, there wasn't too much wrong with the game, though it did lack the feature to save at any time, and not just preset locations.

The Bottom Line

Super Mario World is a great game. I takes an old classic and adds a new twist. Everything was upgraded to look better and play better. The game involves many new ideas and innovations. As the game progresses, not only does it include new ideas, but it also becomes harder and harder. In the original Super Mario Bros, the game didn't really get harder until world 6-2, but hey, that's just me. Anyway, I would recommend this game to anybody who owns a SNES and likes Mario.