Super Mario World Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Intro story
Yoshi's talented tongue
Some platforms expand and contract
Fire Mario is back!
Spin to the other side of the fence
Iggy Koopa
There are a few variations of this sporty enemy
Stage mid-point
Hit the bar at the end of a stage to earn stars
Getting 100 stars brings up a minigame. 3 in a row earns a 1UP
Flying with a cape
Bring a key to a keyhole for a secondary stage exit
Yellow stages have one exit; red stages two
Donut Ghost House
It wouldn't be a Mario game without goombas
Between a rock and a... molten rock in a castle
Morton Koopa
Redo: Mario's body will swell up when he has a Power Balloon, giving him primary levitation
Chased underwater by Rip Van Fish
Star Road
Floating in a cloud with a baby yellow Yoshi
Reznor guards the fortresses
Let's go to the Donut Land
What the Hell is that?
Using the Super Star, Mario finds a fast way to pick lots of lives in Donut Secret 2!
I don't believe in ghosts
Super Baloon Bros
Game bug: the switch inside the blocks