Written by  :  Vecster (24)
Written on  :  Aug 10, 2003
Platform  :  SNES
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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Gameplay greatness and pixel poetry

The Good

Towards the end of a console's life the best games will surface. The hardware's limitations are understood, and its capabilities expounded. Super Metroid 3 is a classic example of the last breaths of greatness of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or Super Famicom, Developed by the Deer Force team at Nintendo. Being the third installment of Samus Aran's exploits as a galatic bounty hunter, Nintendo ups the ante with a core gamer's sense gameplay. In a nutshell Super Metroid's strengths derive from Control, progression and non-linear gameplay . Super Metroid's controls are widely regarded as being some of the finest in it's genre. All of Samus' core functions Jumping, Shooting and running, are well balanced, easy to control, versatile and logical. All of these elements are combined and utilized together to create flow, grace and finally, player impowerment. Mastery of Samus' abilities progress as you overcome challenges the world presents in a very intuitive order. When looked at objectively Metroid is a game about exploration, survival and combat, in that order. Hidden ability is one aspect of Samus' new characteristics that make her very flexible. These abilities include wall jumping. Wall jumping is an ability you start with at the beginning of the game, but requires mastery to use. The control theory is simple, but execution requires critical timing to use effectively. When used well, wall jumping allows you to take shortcuts to shorten game time or access certain parts of the world in a non-traditional sequence. Creating appeal for re-playability. Progression in Super Metroid is perhaps it's greatest strength and its most compelling factor. During the course of gameplay Samus evolves in her capabilities to overcome the world she is in. Barriers in the world are represented by icons that symbolize your abilities you acquire during the course of the game. When new abilities are acquired the player begins to realize when and where and how the new ability can be applied. Each ability further unravels the world, reduces tedious action, and increases the pace of the game. A fine example of this is the final power-up the "Screw Attack" This ability makes Samus nearly godlike. Moving and jumping turns Samus into a lethal force that destroys creatures and certain surfaces by simply ramming into them, further reducing mundane routines and creating newer more exciting ones, controlled by mechanics you have already learned from the onset of the game. Logic & versatility, very few games offer it as well as Super Metroid. Non-linear gameplay. Super Metroid's world is open ended, and provides the player with decisions to make allowing control over the pace of the game. The theme of adventure is at its best when the player has choices to make. While the course of major events in the game remain relatively unchanged, the methods a player can choose between events is diverse. Having the ability to pursue the goal of the game and your own agenda are very significant and rewarding experiences.

The Bad

Fighting and it's role in the game. The creatures placed in the world are typically more for breaking up the pace of the game and providing survival difficulty. In the truest sense they are not usually used for gameplay mechanics that advance the players status. There are exceptions to this, such as freezing a creature and using it as a platform to reach an area that was previously unreachable. Monsters represent objectives to overcome rather than true gameplay elements. Simply put, most monsters are a distraction.

The Bottom Line

The side scrolling Metroid series are considered gamers games. The world of Metroid is captivating through in-depth "INTUITIVE" gameplay, Hauntingly beautiful environments, Great sound and a dark moodiness all its own. Super Metroid challenges the player on many different levels bound togther by rock solid gameplay that is compelling not by what the game requires, but because of what players want.