Super Punch-Out!! Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title Screen
A boxer begins his quest
Mode Select
Circuit Select
Information About Your Opponent
Helpful Tips Appear
Points are calculated on the fighting techniques used
Super Punch-Out keeps track of time trials for all opponents
Piston Hurricane's jaw may never be the same
Hitting Bear Hugger in the stomach may not be a good idea
Super Punch-Out includes some familiar faces
Bald Bull is big, tough and likes to charge opponents
If Bald Bull's speed were to be interrupted, the challenger may prevail.
The belt doesn't necessarily fit, but it's a symbol
Bob has some crazy mojo to be workin' in da ring
Defense! Defense! Defense!
Your boxing is no match for my Kung-Fu
Dragon Chan is a memorable opponent
Not necessarily legal in boxing, but effective
In The Ring