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Super R-Type (SNES)

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Super R-Type is actually a slight remix of the arcade R-Type II, with a couple of new enemies and stages tossed in.

Contributed by Satoshi Kunsai (1813) on Mar 27, 2004. -- edit trivia

In the credits, there is a track listing for all the songs in the game. It is as follows:

Start: R-9, To The Front

Stage 1: Solo Sortie

Stage 2: Counterattack '91

Stage 3: As Wet As A Fish

Stage 4: A Submerging Titan

Stage 5: Dream Of A Labyrinth

Stage 6: R Dance

Stage 7: National Anthem Of Bydo Empire

Boss Stage: Return Of The Creature

Ending: Escape From The Bydo Empire (Part 1) and Escape From The Bydo Empire (Part 2)

Novice Mode Ending: Try Harder!

Stage Clearance: To The Next Zone!

Game Over: A Combat Is Over

Continue: Blast Rock

Dunno if you can buy the soundtrack anywhere.

Contributed by J. Michael Bottorff (1797) on Mar 30, 2003. -- edit trivia