Super Tetris 3 Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Entering the players initials
Game select
Settings for endless Tetris classic mode
Game start!
Blocks falling from the top of the screen
Getting a whole line of blocks in a row will clear that row of blocks
If the blocks reach the top it's game over!
High score list
Settings for standard Tetris classic mode
Standard Tetris classic mode
Settings for endless Magicaliss mode
Rotating a tetris block in Magicaliss can make it change from one color
To another color
A grey block falling
Created a line
The falling rainbow piece can act as any color
Settings for standard Magicaliss mode
Standard Magicaliss mode
Before a contest mode of Sparkliss begins
Starting a game of Sparkliss
Creating a line can set off a bomb
An exploding bomb can lead to a chain reaction
A square block containing a big bomb
Sparkliss puzzle level select
Try to destroy all the lines to solve these puzzles
Placed the pieces to form a line
The explosion
Didn't clear the whole line, so the puzzle was failed
After figuring out the puzzle
Settings for a 2 player game
2 player mode
Setting up a Familiss game
A game of tetris with all 7 pieces shown begins.
A single line appears.
A single line simply reappears.
A double line appears.
A triple line appears.
A triple line simply reappears.
A tetris appears, using only the vertical piece, the I.