Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

US/European title screen
Japanese title screen
Choose your turtle!
The game is placed in Manhattan.
Leonardo beats Foot Clan soldiers.
There are over 20 different moves for each turtle.
The bosses are also there.
There's also a stage on the water.
Versus mode is a Street Fighter-like turtle battle.
Choose your turtle: who's gonna win?
Boss-fight against the Rat King
Cutscene - The Turtles in front of the Technodrome
Inside the Technodrome, fighting some annoying robots
The first fight against Shredder - to defeat him, you must throw his Foot Soldiers at him
The Foot Soldiers cause trouble even at B.C. 2 500 000 000
This boss blocks most of your standard attacks
The Yellow foot Soldiers can get really annoying
While fighting some Stone Warriors, the ship in the background fires some over-sized cannonballs at leo
Naturally, Rocksteady an Bebop also make an appearance
The Wild West stage takes place on a train
Every now and then, new types of Foot Soldiers appear
Getting punched in the back
3D-stage: Neon Night-Riders
Fighting against "Super Krang"
The turtles being warped into another time
The final stage
Heavily armed Stone Warriors
Fighting Krang once more
Preparing for the last battle against Shredder