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SNES version

Title screen (JP).
Title screen
Rock art.
Starting the game
In the village
3D world map
No! Turned into stone!
Fancy inventory screen
Fighting tough big knights
Fighting little buggers
Surrounded by enemies
Interesting place...
Beautiful cutscene
Second tower
Puzzle: press the buttons to build a bridge to the other side
A statue is spitting on me. Dig the light effects
Fourth tower - walking on a tightrope...
...and fighting maniacal wizards while admiring interesting interior decorations
A mysterious portal must be close...
On the surface, you emerge in South America. The world map here looks much more cheerful
Climbing vines somewhere near Suriname
Dude... Didn't your Mom teach you manners?..
As you restore the world, animal species will gradually fill it. Here, you are hanging with some cool birdies
Yes, I can see that! Nice restoration work, dude
Crossing a bridge of rhinoceroses! I think the designer confused them with hippos. A monkey is cheering
Of all religions, you first restore Buddhism - though, anachronistically, in Tibet, where it arrived a 1000 years after its foundation in real history
You engage in a profound philosophical conversation with a yak
Frozen by vicious wolves in a snowy forest!
Eventually, humans will be restored in large proportions. They'll build cozy houses, too...
Ahh, civilization at last! The trip from China to Western Europe, apparently, is just a matter of crossing a tiny desert
Some physical activities are possible. Throwing stones while a cactus is watching. Or are those brussel sprouts?..
Finally, you restore Christianity - though, apparently, here it's limited to Roman Catholicism. Well said, padre!
A picturesque harbor with twin sailors
Swimming in a fountain! Wee!..
Angry-looking metallic guardians hit me with their S&M accessories in a castle dungeon
Minigame! Of course! Every Japanese RPG must have minigames. Eat as much as you can, and as fast as you can!
Watching a fascinating performance in North America
This is the kind of philosophy that must have caused this world to submerge the first time around
Ark is criticizing a USA beverage. A black man is watching
Eventually, you visit Japan. Night life prevails
Nearing the final stage of the game. These crazy cultists worship a mad scientist who tries to play God. And then you wonder why we got the Second Commandment!..
No self-respecting Japanese RPG is complete without some cool transportation. But here, it's a real airplane!..
High-tech dungeon. Robotic workers are disregarding you
Few Japanese RPGs are complete without a snowy region. Here, it is Siberia
Posing in a dark crystal cave. Thinking about NBA Finals, milk tea, and the philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard. Or something else, I don't know
Eventually, you'll restore civilization back to modern times...
...complete with electronics and stuff!