Written by  :  DudeOfMonson (118)
Written on  :  Jan 06, 2007
Platform  :  SNES
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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OUCH!....My brain hurts....

The Good

What a great game. It has a Yoshi theme complete with story and all. It is pretty basic but becomes complex through strategy. Rather than the original Tetris scenario where blocks fall from the top in random shapes, this game makes a complete row of random blocks appear from the bottom. This causes all the current blocks to be shoved upward. Eventually the blocks will hit the top of screen and then the round is over. You prevent this by eliminating blocks by aligning 3 or more of the same color. Tetris 2 makes things interesting with its flexibility. It has 4 modes for single player alone! Such as Endless, Time Trial, Stage clear, Puzzle and Vs. In the Endless mode you continually align 3 or more of each color block raising your score and the speed which new blocks appear from the bottom. You do this until your blocks hit the top. Time Trial mode you have a limited amount of time to rack up points before the next level begins. This mode is good for improving your combination making skills. Combinations are big points in this game. The only way to get the best Time Trial score is to do many combinations. Stage Clear mode is basically a story mode. You play five levels per round. There are over 6 rounds including bonus rounds. The objective of this mode is to essentially survive. During a round a flashing line will eventually appear, destroy all blocks above that line to win. Puzzle modes is one of my favorites. Basically there are blocks arranged on the screen that can be eliminated in a certain amount of moves. The moves are counted for and the maximum of moves allowed is displayed. This mode really beefs up your strategy. Versus mode is like 2 player but against a computer. It is split screen and interactive. When you do combos a huge block falls on top of the opponents side. These blocks can only be eliminated by connecting them to combinations. The bigger combo's you do, the bigger the block is that falls on the opponents stack. All this in just single player!! There are also two 2 player game modes to choose from, Time trial and VS. Now you can play these two familiar modes with a friend. This game is so much fun and addictive I strongly suggest forcing a break here and there, for your eyes sake.

The Bad

This game hurts my brain!

The Bottom Line

Awesome addition to the Tetris family. Really fun and challenging. The music is cool and the graphics look good.