Tetris Attack Screenshots (SNES)

User Screenshots

SNES version

Title screen
This is the game mode selection screen. Choose your favorite and good game!
VS Mode for 1 player gives you 3 level difficulties.
VS mode character select screen for 2 players.. there are 4 hidden characters to unlock
Clear the region that is above of "CLEAR" line to finish the level
This is the first of various puzzles existing in the game, but not all are as easy as this...
Game Over! The stack exceeded the limit.
Defeat this 6 stages in Stage Clear Mode is simple!
Options screen. It is possible modify some details in the game.
This difficulty level is SECRET! The star background color is very different of the others!
Due to Kamek's attack, Raphael The Raven's stack increased: its game will be over?
x? is the ultimate chain in the game: it appears when the player does more than a x13 chain.