Tin Star Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title screen
Starting a level.
The week begins.
Cut-scene dialogue
The red x means no shooting at the moment.
Standing on top of the stagecoach.
Knocking an enemy of his high horse.
An enemy shot into nuts and bolts.
He keeps bouncing up and down.
Flexing after defeating the boss.
Bonus level
Level statistics
Statistics get converted to cash amounts.
Saving a game costs a pretty penny.
Naming the saved game.
The game features lighthearted situations.
Some of the background items can be shot.
Barroom brawl
A reference to the Lone Ranger through a pun
A cattle stampede
A boss enemy approaches.
Keep shooting him.
They don't call him Bareback Jack for nothing.
Shoot the draw icon when it pops up.
Then immediately shoot the adversary.