Todd McFarlane's Spawn: The Video Game Credits


Developed byUkiyotei Company, Ltd.
Original Story and ConceptMike Giam
Game DesignMike Giam, Kenshi Naruse
Executive Producer (Sony)Andy Sells
Executive Producer (TMP)Todd McFarlane
Co‑Executive Producer (TMP)Terry Fitzgerald
Producer (Acclaim Grey Team)Robert Leingang
Producer (Sony)Allan Becker
Associate Producer (Acclaim Grey Team)Gregg Giles
Associate Producer (Sony)Hunter Luisi
ProgrammingNorihiro Tokeshi
Additional ProgrammingYasushi Kamiya, Tadakatsu Makiuchi
Character DesignTeruo Nagato
Comic ArtC. Bradford Gorby
GraphicsMichiyo Komura, Sadaki Matsumoto
MusicHarumi Fujita
Sound EffectsYasuaki Fujita (First Circle)
Testing ManagerSeiken Nakama
Analysts (Acclaim Grey Team)Steffan Levine, Mark Mermelstein
Analysts (Sony)Seth R. Roth (Lead Analyst), Aaron Koniak, Bruce Cochrane, Eric Asevo, Ethelred Garcia, Jody Kelsey Jr., Tobin A. Russell, Glenn Waguespack, Glenn Ige, Dustin Sorenson, Tomer Gurantz, Algon Leighton, Pease Lucas
Administrative Assistant (Acclaim Grey Team)Diane Cambria
Acclaim Quality Assurance - Senior ManagerMike Weiner
Acclaim Quality Assurance - SupervisorsCarol Caracciolo, Adam Ingberman
Lead TesterMike Hong
Game AnalystsRussel Tucker, Michael Mazziotto
Technical Support SupervisorHarry Reimer
Technical SupportJohn F. Gonzales
QA TestersPaul Linsey, A. K. Brown, David Sanchez, Mat T. Kraemer
Special ThanksTodd McFarlane, Kathy Cunningham
Extra Special ThanksTerry Fitzgerald

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Carol Caracciolo, 62 other games
Bruce Cochrane, 55 other games
Harry Reimer, 49 other games
Mike Hong, 48 other games
Mike Weiner, 33 other games
Eric Asevo, 31 other games
Tobin A. Russell, 31 other games
Glenn Ige, 28 other games
Jody Kelsey Jr., 27 other games
Yasuaki Fujita, 25 other games
Harumi Fujita, 24 other games
Robert Leingang, 23 other games
Mike Giam, 23 other games
Mat T. Kraemer, 23 other games
Adam Ingberman, 22 other games
David Sanchez, 19 other games
Steffan Levine, 19 other games
Mark Mermelstein, 19 other games
Sadaki Matsumoto, 18 other games
Todd McFarlane, 18 other games
John F. Gonzales, 15 other games
Gregg Giles, 14 other games
Seth R. Roth, 12 other games
Hunter Luisi, 11 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Terok Nor (26183)