True Lies Credits (SNES)

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True Lies Credits


SYSTEM PROGRAMMINGGraeme Webb, Peter Litwiniuk
CREATURE PROGRAMMINGStephen McNamara, Brad Aitken, Andrew Harvey, Andrew Scott
MAP DESIGNJustin Halliday, Ian Malcolm, Wayne Simmons, Brian Uniacke
BACKGROUND ARTISTSHolger Liebnitz, Justin Muir, Damian Borg, Simon Hart, Mark Maynard, Peter Commins
SPRITE ARTISTSMatt Castle, Damian Borg, Mark Maynard, Grant Arthur, Ken Newman
SUPERSTRUCTURE ARTISTSPaula Hatton, Grant Arthur, John Tsiglev
MUSICMarshall Parker, Dominic Morabito
SOUND EFFECTSMarshall Parker, Dominic Morabito
QUALITY ASSURANCEShane Collier, Steven Scott, Leigh Reynolds, Cameron Brown, Andrew Scott, Gary Ireland, Aaron Smith, Jason Beer
PRODUCERArthur Kakouris

Acclaim White Team

PRODUCERDan Feinstein
SUPPORT TEAMElizabeth Burgess, Asif Chaudhri, Alessandro De Lucia, Nathaniel Gunter, Eric Kuby, Shawn David Rosen, Mark Thienvanich
SPECIAL THANKSNancy Nyberg (and everyone at Lightstorm)

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Credits for this game were contributed by BitRot (299) and formercontrib (159638)