True Lies Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

The game uses actual pictures taken from the movie.
Infiltrating a party.
Harry escapes the chateau.
Plenty of enemies in pursuit!
Third level - Harry chases his foe into a mall filled with civilians.
Harry can roll to dodge bullets, and come up firing.
Whoops! Watch the innocents!
Bad day for shopping, granny!
True Lies doesn't shy away from the blood.
Found an automatic Uzi.
You can move Harry's arm while firing the Uzi... spray and pray as it were.
Grenades show a timer above them when activated.
The shotgun is great for crowds.
The game includes some scenes not in the movie. Here, Harry goes to China to disarm a bomb.
A shooting level lets you control a Harrier jet.
Shoot the nuke trucks before they reach the city!
New enemy types appear as you play on.
"Eef you plahy wit fiyah, you're goeing to geet buhrned!"
Omega symbols grant an extra life.
Final cutscene as Harry rescues his daughter.