Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Screenshots (SNES)

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Title Screen
The story behind the game
Select your mode of play
Select your fighter. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 has no less than 23 fighters!
Old favourite Liu Kang hits Sonya with his famous bicycle kick
Nightwolf launches an arrow at Mileena
Mileena blocks Jade's special kick
Kabal hits Reptile with a furious uppercut (btw Reptile is the only character with green blood)
Sindel celebrates a flawless victory
Character info for the renegade ninja Scorpion
A fight between the old Sub-Zero and the new Sub-Zero is about to start
Jax attempts to break Ermac's back
BRUTALITY! Now Kano can call his clone spineless!
Stryker throws a bomb at Kung Lao
Smoke grabs Kitana with his robotic claw
Bye bye, Nightwolf...
Liu Kang can enter inside the enemy during its fatality. Very burning, guy!
Ermac meets Scorpion's hell!
It is incredible as a simple skull can scare in such a way...
Shang Tsung remains with your multiple fireballs move.
During the friendship, Shang Tsung morphs into... Joust!
It's party! Blood and bones to give and sell!
A lot of trumpet to relight the spirits...
Nobody would support a blow in this "place". Nor the strongest fighter!
Kung Lao's hat has the precision of a knife and the speed of... You choose!
Kano shoots a laser ray of its left eye that reaches Jade in target!
Going to the lava pool, Night guy?
One day the scares go to arrive at such point to pull out its soul. Wait!
Before to fight against the final boss, face a tough challenge: Motaro!
Kitana applies a super kick in this skull-masked-tough-man... Wait! I've seen this face before!