Vortex Credits


ProgrammingMichael Powell
ConceptMichael Powell
DesignNic Cusworth, Michael Powell
Graphic Design & ArtworkAlistair McNally
3D Shape DesignMichael Powell, Stephen Robertson
MusicJustin Scharvona
Sound EffectsJustin Scharvona
Audio TechnologyMartin Simpson
QA and TestingStephen Robertson
3D SystemPeter Warnes, Carl Graham
Programming SupportDylan Cuthbert, Giles Goddard
Producer for ArgonautNeil Jackson
Producer for ElectrobrainPeter Anthony Chiodo
Creative DirectorThom Kofoed
Packaging DesignThom Kofoed
QA and Testing EBCJoshua Miner, Ben Snell
Thanks toJeremy Sands, Jacqui Lyons, Nintendo of America, Jeffery Hutt, Kathy Herman, Ronald A. Johnson, Michael Meyers
Special Thanks toClaire, Karen, Paula and Christine

Packaging (US)

Design DirectionThom Kofoed
IllustrationRoger Loveless

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (117133), Evil Ryu (65892) and formercontrib (159638)