War 3010: The Revolution Credits (SNES)

War 3010: The Revolution SNES Title/intro


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War 3010: The Revolution Credits


Executive ProducerSal Simeone
Game Production ManagerTom Mulvey
Game DesignSal Simeone, Anthony Verducci, Michael Schiavetta, Tom Mulvey, Pareshkumar , Dean Camastro, Herve Marcel
Project DirectorPareshkumar
ProgrammingHerve Marcel, Pareshkumar
Ship DesignerAnthony Verducci
Model Ship BuildersAnthony Verducci, Timothy Samuels, Dean Camastro
Ship DigitizingAnthony Verducci
Wrapper ScreensAnthony Verducci
AnimationsDean Camastro
Intro and EndingAnthony Verducci, Dean Camastro
Animation ProgrammingHerve Marcel
Sound Effects SamplingHerve Marcel
Music CompositionStephen Melillo
Manual DesignAnthony Verducci
ManualAnthony Verducci, Michael Schiavetta
Cover ArtKenn Richards
Packaging and Manual ExecutionThe Sisson Group Inc. — New York

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