Wild Guns Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Title Screen
Player Select
On the streets of Carson City. Annie about to whack a guy in the head that came a little too close
There's not much left of Carson City when Annie destroys this droid
Inside the Carson City Saloon the demolition continues
The owner of the bar desperately tries to dodge Clint's bullets (on this screen you also see a floating power-up)
Clint is quick enough to escape death as he jumps over the gunfire
The bigger they are, the harder they explode. The Carson City boss bites the dust
Stage select after the Carson City level
Desolation Canyon, complete with dino skeleton
Desolation Canyon stage 2
Annie about to be fried by the flame thrower of the Desolation Canyon boss
On the Armored Train
When you're hit by that lasso you can''t move for awhile
Ammunition Depot stage 1. Clint picks up some dynamite and throws it back to where it came from
Inside the Ammunition Depot, Clint fires his Gauss gun
Clint detonates a bomb and gives the Ammunition Depot end boss a new definition of pain
The entrance to the Gold Mine, Annie avoids being hammered
Intense two-player action inside the Gold Mine. Just look at all those explosions!
Annie faces the Gold Mine boss. It's a robotic crab!
Final Battle, two droids guard the spaceship
Inside the spaceship or is it Fort Knox?
Playing the shooting gallery game against the computer
Another shooting gallery
Won the shooting gallery game