Wing Commander Credits


Project ManagerHenrik Markarian
ProgrammingAndrew Iverson, David R. Sullivan, Henrik Markarian, Allen Anderson, Michael E. Duffy, Donald W. Laabs
Graphic ArtistsPeter Mitchell-Dayton, Caitlin Mitchell-Dayton
MusicSam Powell
Sound EffectsSam Powell
Quality Assurance DirectorJim Molitor
QA CoordinatorsKen George, Jim Gleaves
QA TechniciansJoel Brisgel, Lee Mekelis, Wi Kian Tang, Lawrence Coffey, Kevin P. Costello, Stephen Feaster, Milton Hodges, Christopher R. Kosel, David Locke, Douglas J. Valente
Technical Support ManagerDave Buoncristiani
Senior VP / CTODavid P. Grenewetzki
Business Group Senior VPMark Beaumont
Marketing ProducersIan McGee, Linda C. Norton
Marketing Project ManagerJulie Lippold Stier
Manual AdaptationAnne O'Brien
Graphic DesignMyrna Peskin, Leanne York
IllustrationMichael J. Winterbauer
Screen PhotographyRussell Lee
Copy WriterMichael C. Miller
TraffickingMary H. Eaves, Shannon Van Scotter
Creative DirectorLyza Latham

Origin Systems

DirectorChris Roberts
ProgrammersChris Roberts, Ken Demarest III, Paul C. Isaac, Steven Muchow, Herman Miller, Stephen Beeman
Graphic ArtistsDenis R. Loubet, Glen Johnson, Daniel Bourbonnais, Keith Berdak, John Watson
Audio ArtistsGeorge Alistair Sanger, David Govett, Marc Schaefgen

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Glen Johnson, 22 other games
Paul C. Isaac, 20 other games
Steven Muchow, 19 other games
Ken Demarest III, 17 other games
Daniel Bourbonnais, 17 other games
Wi Kian Tang, 15 other games
Andrew Iverson, 14 other games
David Locke, 14 other games
Stephen Beeman, 13 other games
Peter Mitchell-Dayton, 12 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by lsm47 (137) and formercontrib (159700)